7 Best Food Suggestions for Orthodontics Braces

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Assistant Professor DDS, PhD
Fatih Kahraman
Orthodontist, spouse, father of two sons, swimmer, an academic person who lives in Bakırköy
Assistant Professor DDS, PhD
Fatih Kahraman
Orthodontist, spouse, father of two sons, swimmer, an academic person who lives in Bakırköy

Which Foods Can Be Eaten With Dental Braces?

Have you started orthodontic treatment or are you planning to start it? Then you should know that your braces will bring many changes over to your life. For example, you will not only look more beautiful when you look in the mirror, but also you will recover the interrelation of your teeth and chewing as never before. As you progress in your orthodontic treatment in time, your crooked teeth will also reach their ideal positions. Moreover, your oral, dental, and jaw structure will start to exhibit a more natural and healthier chewing pattern. If your doctor is an Orthodontist, we are sure that you will be very pleased with these positive changes you will encounter!

Although you will discover what you can eat more comfortably about nutrition in about as little as a month, we recommend that you be more careful while consuming a group of foods during your orthodontic treatment. We would like to remind you that we can change some of your nutritional habits and set limits on some foods as well.

But don’t forget that we want all these so that you have a happier treatment experience!

As Kahraman Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dental Clinicteam, we aim to facilitate the treatment process for you as we want you to continue your orthodontic treatment most comfortably as far as possible.

For this purpose, we share this article with you so that you overcome the difficulties, which you may encounter while eating with braces, more easily, and so that you can find answers to your frequently asked questions such as “Which foods can I eat in orthodontic treatment?” or “What shouldn’t I eat with braces?” during the treatment. In this article, we have explained the nutrition tips in orthodontic treatment for you one by one. For “The Most Delicious Orthodontic Friendly Foods List”, which consists of the suggestions of “7 most beneficial foods” for those who have braces treatment, let’s get started! 👇🏻

Patience is the key.

Food Suggestions for Braces Wearers

Right, you guaranteed the future of your teeth by making a huge investment in your oral and dental health with orthodontic treatment. Congratulations. Now, you are in a pleasant period where you are getting closer to a wonderful natural smile step by step while improving the general state of your health Even though you think that your orthodontic treatment will last throughout your life…Your braces, which you have worn to straighten your crooked teeth, will accompany you on this journey during the process that may last from a few months to 2 years. A pretty smile that you will enjoy every time you look in the mirror or photograph throughout your life or that you light up your surroundings with your sparkle will remain. When its long-term impact is considered, it can even be said that the period you are in is quite short!

Patience is an important part of this process. We will make a few updates on your nutritional habits so that you can complete the orthodontic treatment process as soon as possible and successfully. In fact, I believe that it would be best for you to adapt to this change as soon as possible. When you consider the matters mentioned below, I can say that you will be able to overcome this nutrition process with braces almost without experiencing any difficulty

  • First, keep calm! While you have braces on your teeth, it is time to say goodbye to big bites for now. Instead of mouthful bites, prefer small bites. Use your knife and fork to cut or snatch foods, not your teeth. In fact, as long as your foods are in the right size and healthy, it does not matter what you eat much! Just make your food into small pieces. Whatever you will eat, try to consume both carefully and slowly. Also, you can facilitate the process by using your fork and spoon to crush foods.
  • For your brackets, prefer the consumption of soft foods instead of sticky and hard foods. Sticky foods start to stick to your teeth from the first time you consume them. For this reason, stay away especially from sticky foods! Try to improve yourself on nutrition with soft foods. (Google and YouTube have very rich content in terms of the recipes with soft foods. You can find many recipes with short research). However, do not limit yourself to only soups or shake-type foods after a while just because it is easier to consume. After a few days of the adaptation period, you can even add a delicious steak to your menu. It won’t be a problem as long as it is soft and cut into small meat cubes.
  • How about giving the hazelnuts, peanuts, and other nuts to the birds for a short time? Hard-shelled foods and nuts are of course. beneficial for your health. However, if you consume it during the treatment period, they can escape between your brackets and stretch or compress your teeth. I believe it will not be hard to predict that this situation will be the same for popcorn. You must learn to speak the language of your braces that accompany you on this journey. Never forget that sticky or crunchy foods can damage your brackets, and your brackets may separate from your teeth (bracket breakage, breaking, thrown, falling, or removal, etc.) for this reason!
  • You can reward yourself with all kinds of ice cream, such as sticks or cone ice cream.Ice cream can provide instant relaxation in pain due to stretching of the teeth after new braces or a routine check-up. Don’t forget that you can consume anything unless biting is needed. Ice cream can be a great choice in summer. Please, don’t wonder about an experimental study such as what may happen if dense ice cream, such as popsicle or Maras ice cream, is bitten. 🙂

In general, the first few weeks immediately after the braces are placed may be challenging for you. However, when you slightly modernize and change your chewing habits, your gums and oral structure will quickly get used to this situation. In time, you will see that you can easily apply your new diet style. I share below for you some foods that rise to the peak in the price-performance-flavor trio and that you will absolutely find the value for money you spend.

Healthy teeth are the gateway to a healthy body.

Finally, I would like to remind you that during the orthodontic treatment period, your oral and dental health care has become more important than normal times. For this reason, I especially recommend brushing your teeth every day, after each meal, and flossing as needed.

Also, we want you to eat healthily with a diet with a rich variety of unadulterated organic content so that you will be healthy physically.


Here are our 7 favorite food recommendations that we believe are safe for your dental braces:

  1. 1. Homemade yogurt

Yogurt is a food rich in calcium and protein. To strengthen your teeth and improve your body health, it would be an excellent choice to consume plain yogurt without added sugar during the treatment period. Yogurt, which is a wonderful type of natural probiotic, helps prevent tooth decay Therefore, yogurt is a staple food that contributes positively to the protection of your dental and gum health. If you brush your teeth well, you can even prefer fruit yogurt types for snacks or breakfast.

2. Chicken noodle soup

If there is another soup more comfortable to consume than this and is a cure-all, we can easily say that we didn’t know about this. Chicken noodle soup is not a soup that only comes to our rescue at the moment of illness. It is also a great food for newly attached braces pain. It helps you to gather the strength you need against brace pain with the proteins and minerals it contains. We recommend consuming especially the homemade version of this curative soup. Because it contains the minerals, gelatin, and collagen necessary for your teeth and bones thanks to the natural broth in homemade chicken soup. In this way, you can get the nutrients you need most healthily. The fact that you can consume chicken noodle soup, which has become a complete source of vitamin C with the addition of lemon, without the need to bite or chew, is an important consideration in terms of ease of eating. If you want to enrich the content further in terms of carbohydrates in addition to the noodles in it, it might be a good idea to chop bread into your soup. In this way, you will add a wonderfully thickened soup to your menu that you can safely consume without breaking your brackets.

3. Potato dishes

Are you still looking for a fulfilling and soft meal during the orthodontic treatment that continues with the braces? Then, boiled potatoes may be just what you’re looking for. Apart from being easy to eat, vitamin A, which is abundant in potatoes, is very important for dental and gum health. Because vitamin A makes a major contribution to the production of keratin in the body, which supports the formation of tooth enamel. Also, potato helps to protect the soft mucous skin of your gum with its rich content. You can bake, fry in oil, steam or boil your delicious potatoes. You can enjoy it either at the main dishes or as a side dish.

4. Fish

If the strong pressure on your teeth gives pain when chewing red or white meat, how about a great alternative? Fortunately, we all have the chance to consume fish species abundantly in our country, which is surrounded by seas on three sides. In the process of orthodontic treatment, we strongly recommend the consumption of fish meat, which is both easy to chew and rich in content for your dental and gum health.

In a study, Harvard scientists found that gum diseases are less common in individuals who consume fish meat, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, abundantly. More clearly, they discovered that omega-3 acts as a shield against damage caused by bacteria that cause gum issues. Salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines are invaluable nutrition stores as they contain plenty of omega-3 which are beneficial for our body. Each one is a great source of vitamin D at the same time. Let’s not forget that vitamin D is of the essence to improve oral and dental health by protecting the teeth and gums against diseases. Because calcium is absorbed by the body and becomes ready for use thanks to vitamin D. Taking into account all of these, you can comfortably and safely consume fish meat with high nutritional value, which is a soft and easily edible food after braces are attached.

5. Cooked vegetable dishes

Just as we want you to avoid eating raw vegetables and fruit by biting after braces are attached, we also recommend that you eat vegetables by boiling or cooking them. Because your brackets may move when you bite hard food. In addition, the food you bite can get stuck between your braces and hurt you. But when you cook vegetables, they become soft enough and provide you with ease of eating. In this way, you don’t need to discontinue the consumption of vegetables in this process because they are hard. Because you will need consumption of vegetables and fruits a lot in this process. The reason is that vitamin C and antioxidants, which are found in most fruits and vegetables, help protect the gums against bacterial infections. Broad green-leaved vegetables support cell growth since they contain a large amount of folic acid, which allows you to achieve a healthy oral structure. Since broad-leaved vegetables are softer than other vegetables, you can easily add their raw form to your menu. If you would like to, you can consume it in the form of a salad by chopping or as a side dish next to the main course as much as you want.

6. Egg

As a doctor, I especially recommend you consume 1 egg every day for your health.* An egg is a completely natural and excellent food that can create a complete living being by nature without any external contribution. Whatever a living being needs for its growth and development from its occurrence to its birth, the egg meets them flawlessly. The egg, which is known as the highest source of protein, is also very rich in phosphorus. Calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus in the egg make teeth and bones more durable. Additionally, proteins in eggs protect dental health while also reducing decay. In addition to all these, you can prefer the egg for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eggs that you can always consume as a byproduct, as well as being the main dish in itself, are foods with a wide range of uses. Moreover, the kilogram of eggs is more economical when compared to bread. You can consume eggs, which you can mix with dozens of delicious ingredients, without problems even in situations where your orthodontic toothaches are severe. Do not neglect to consume eggs, which is a miracle of nature, to eat healthily and to keep a balanced diet.

* “Except in cases where it should not be consumed due to allergies or diseases, 1 well-cooked egg every day is beneficial to health.”. (T.C. Ministry of Health)

7. Smoothie

Are you still undecided about what to consume due to brackets and braces? Then give smoothies, which are excellent supplements, a chance. Moreover, making smoothies is extremely fun. With endless combinations of vegetables, fruits, and beverages, you can prepare dozens of kinds of smoothies that you can consume without ever getting bored. Smoothies, which are a paradise of vitamins and minerals, can provide relaxation in your aching teeth by reducing the tension of your braces when consumed cold. Don’t forget to take your portable smoothie cups with you so that you can consume your colorful smoothies, which ensure a balanced and healthy diet, wherever you want!

We help you satisfy your orthodontic treatment needs in Istanbul.

When you have braces, some situations may occur that need to be overcome occasionally during eating and drinking. We believe that this detailed list prepared in response to the question“What to eat after braces are attached?” will be helpful both in your dental and physical health and in offering you delicious alternatives. In this article, I tried to explain what you can feed on while your crooked teeth become pearly straight and arrayed. In fact, as you have already learned, you don’t have to be tough on yourself. We hope that you will regard these changes in your diet as an investment opportunity in your general health and you can benefit from it for life.

You have obtained great tips on nutrition with braces, so you are ready for a diet suitable for your treatment now.

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If you are planning to have orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign and have concerns or unanswered questions about your treatment in your mind, you can contact us. Right now, you can take your first step which is the most important stage for your orthodontic treatment, and get your first examination appointment at a suitable time for yourself. AsDr. Fatih Kahraman, I would like to say that I would be pleased to answer your questions about orthodontics, address your concerns, and offer orthodontic treatment solutions special for you with the knowledge and experience I have acquired. As Kahraman Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dental Clinic, we offer you solutions with modern approaches in the treatment of all your orthodontic problems from A to Z. In our center in Bakırköy, Istanbul, we provide oral and dental health services in the fields of orthodontics and aesthetic dentistry to our valued clients.

Wishing you to smile freely for life,

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Written by Yrd. Doç. Dr. Fatih KAHRAMAN & Ortodonti Uzmanı

Yrd. Doç. Dr. Fatih Kahraman, İstanbul Üniversitesi Diş Hekimliği Fakültesini 2.'likle tamamlamıştır. Ortodonti Uzmanı olup, çok sayıda bilimsel çalışması sayesinde 2016 "Yrd. Doç. Dr. - Doktor Öğretim Üyesi" ünvanını kazanmıştır. Yurt içi / yurt dışı uluslararası kongre-sempozyum-seminerlerde ortodonti alanında bilimsel konuşmalar yapmakta ve dersler vermeye devam etmektedir. Yüz öncelikli ortodonti, invisalign, ortognatik cerrahi (çene ameliyatı), organik gülüş tasarımı, şeffaf plak, çene eklemi konusunda alanında uzmandır.

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